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Youth Co-ed Indoor Soccer League Rules and Policies 


1.   General

  • Individuals will be placed on an available team within the age group
  • During the league session, ECU may require player movement amongst teams to facilitate competitive play.
  • Eau Claire United is primarily led by volunteer members of the organization; all players, parents, and coaches are expected to repect themselves and others before, during, and after the game and must abide by any rules and policies of the facility and ECU
  • The ECU indoor league is focused on fun, improving ball handling skills, and foot speed in a fast paced environment; there is no tolerance for excessive physical play and the referee may eject a player for conduct if necessary
  • Games cancelled for inclement weather will NOT be rescheduled


2.     Players 

  • Games are played in a 6v6 format including 1 goalie for each team
  • Substitutes are allowed during the game and are made “on the fly”; the player exiting the game must not be engaged in play with the ball during the switch
  • Substitution is allowed during a restart (see restarts below) by the team controlling the ball


3.     Equipment

  • An age appropriate ball will be used for play (Size 5 for 13/14, Size 4 for others)
  • Shin-guards must be worn
  • Athletic shoes or indoor soccer shoes may be worn; shoes with spikes or cleats are not allowed
  • Registration fee includes a reversible pinny (red and black) that will be handed out at the first game.  Please wear a light colored shirt for underneath.
  • Jewelry, earrings, or other accessories may not be worn


4.     The Game

  • 2 x 25 minute halves with no time outs
  • 5 minute halftime
  • An unintentional hand ball is considered “play on” without penalty
  • No off-side
  • No overtime
  • The ball may be played off multiple walls (but not the nets) during the game


5.     Scoring

  • One point for each goal
  • If a team is winning by 6 goals, the opposing team may add 1 player to the field; if a team is winning by 10 goals, the opposing team may add an additional 1 player to the field


 6.     Goal Keeper Violations

  • The goalie may not pick up the ball by hand if it is passed to them from a fellow team member; the goalie may, however, control and pass the ball with their feet/chest/knees
  • The goalie may not punt the ball, throwing is allowed


7.     Restarts

  • Defending players must be 5 yards away from the ball from any restarted play
  • Kickoff begins in the center of the field and maintains the 5 yard rule above
  • A goal may be scored on a kickoff as a direct kick
  • All restarts are direct kicks
  • Hitting the ceiling is considered out of bounds and the ball will be placed on the red or blue field dot as close as possible to the point of impact
  • A ball that exits the field or hits a higher net is considered out of bounds and will require a restart at the point of exit
  • Long kick rule – if the ball is passed across 3 or more field lines, a restart will be placed on the field dot of the offending team’s side; the focus of the game is on controlled passing in a fast paced environment


8.     Penalties

  • No slide tackles are allowed
  • No “boarding” is allowed (pushing another player against the wall)
  • A ball that is intentionally handled in the penalty box by a player that is not in the goalie position will be treated as a penalty kick


9. Substitutions

  • If your team does not have enough players, you may borrow a player from the opposing team or each team must agree to play short sided – (5v5 or 4v4)

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