Tournament Weekend Jobs



**Each family should sign up for TWO volunteer time slots.  If you signed up to be a Field Marshal on the first sign up, please remember to count those times in your total.


**Each volunteer should sign in at the Volunteer Check-in Table located in the concessions area prior to your volunteer shift.  If you do not sign in, your hours may not be counted.


Basic Concessions:  During your time block each person will be assigned a duty, which might include:   taking money, taking orders, food prep, etc.  It will be up to each shift of workers to divide up the duties as needed.


  1. Grille: One person dedicated on the grill with burgers, hot dogs and brats
  2. Brat and Burger Table: New this year!!  There will be a table set up for assembling burgers, brats and hot dogs.  Customers will order at the window and receive a token.  The token will be redeemed at the Brat and Burger Table.
  3. Assistant Grille and Burger Table: Helping the main grille master and bringing cooked meat to the Brat and Burger Table.  Also helping with assembling burgers and brats if needed.


Field Marshal Tent Helper:  One volunteer will assist in this tent.  Duties include:  helping the Field Marshals with their field assignments, showing the marshals where to go, signing them in, giving them instructions on what to do, handing out walkie-talkies, etc.


First Aid Tent:  It would be helpful if this person had some sort of medical background, but is not required.  This person would assist the training staff in dealing with player injuries; would give basic and general assistance to anyone needing medical attention (band aids, ice packs, etc.); would carry a walkie talkie to be in contact with the field marshals.


Ref Tent:  One volunteer will remain in the referee pavilion during the shift and be available to check in referees as they arrive, direct referees to fields and offer general assistance as needed.


Registration:  Welcome teams and check them in, give them schedules and team bags, answer questions, etc.


T-Shirts:  This person would help with handing out the pre-ordered T-Shirts and also help the t-shirt vendor with samples and selling items.


Volunteer Check-In and Concessions Floater:  The primary job of this position is to have each volunteer sign in before their volunteer time slot begins.  ALL volunteers need to sign the sheet located in the concession stand area to have their hours count.  This person would also help direct volunteers to their volunteer areas.


Floater:  This person could do a variety of duties depending on what is needed, to include:  Monitoring water stations, checking trash cans, taking flags to fields, driving a golf cart to deliver various items to the fields, monitoring bathrooms, etc.




Field Marshals:  Check teams in on the field and check player cards prior to the start of assigned games; monitor games and the spectators; report injuries to the trainer; carry a walkie-talkie to be in contact with First Aid and Refs.

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